indian journalist sydneyI am an Entertainment reporter with extensive experience writing about Bollywood, covering and promoting various events and shows. My experience in media ranged from coverage on Bollywood to touching various aspects such as community news, Bollywood Events. During my association of past five years with this media I gained proficiency in all subjects, mainly from my independent research. I am a regular contributor to the community by my photography and writing articles and poetry. I have catered as a source of news to several newspapers in India and Sydney and i love to be the part of Indian media in Sydney.
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Testimonial by Shayan Rafique

The easiest thing to say is that Hemu is a gifted photographer, artist, and human being. What strikes me most about him, however, is how he sees the world and how he... read more ..

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with local Artists

with local Artists (Politicians shape the future of a country and are the...

access_time 05:04AM 15 December 2015

Photojournalism and Hemu negi

Photojournalism and me - Pictures can capture moments, excitement, emotions and a lot...

access_time 05:09AM 15 December 2015

Indian media coverage in 2014

Year 2014 was again another year which witnessed a lot of activity in...

access_time 06:37AM 15 December 2015

with Politicians

with Politicians (Much to owe my surprise media people do get a lot...

access_time 05:03AM 15 December 2015

Indian media coverage in 2013

Year 2013 was quite vibrant with lot of political events, conferences, shows, charity...

access_time 06:04AM 15 December 2015

Indian media coverage in 2012

Year 2012 was full of events for Indian community, a large number of...

access_time 05:26AM 15 December 2015

My journey

In 2009 I was asked to design a news portal for an online...

access_time 01:11AM 16 December 2015

Indian media coverage in 2015

No doubt Indian community in Sydney is growing and so the activities related...

access_time 10:02AM 15 December 2015

Bollywood and Community news reporter in Sydney

Hi my name is Hemendra Negi ( Hemu Negi ), I am a Bollywood and Community news reporter in Sydney , I cover, write articles and also send pics to many newspapers in Sydney esp the Fiji times - widely popular newspaper in Indian Fiji community as well as the indian community, theindoaustimes an online news portal, Rabtha is a Pakistani news print magazine quite popular among the local Pakistani people living in Sydney , Hello Bollywood is a print magazine which is mainly focused on Bollywood and is one of the quite popular magazine in Sydney and few others Newspaper in Sydney. Many of my pics also gets published in the Indian regional newspapers of Punjab, Gujarati and few others. I am well known Indian journalist Sydney also quite famous for my photojournalism. I have almost covered some 600 events in past years which include Bollywood events, concerts and interviewing film personalities, press conf, political events, movie premieres festivals and various others. To know more please click hemendra negi / hemu negi

Indian media in Sydney

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