Hemu Negi

Hemu Negi

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Ekta Parikh

Ekta Parikh

Hemu negi is some one who always brings SMILE on everyones face If you are his friends then with his witty comments and through Pj s and If you don't know him then Holidng his Camera ... I feel so privileged that I came across him as very good friend , so that I got a chance to know his work and his ability closely ... I'm glad that finally he has taken his Hobby and talent seriously and he is doing something solid about his bright career ... He is one kinda helpful person, superb friend and a really good team player .. He knows how to add humour to his work and melt down stress .. He is very talented person and I wish you would get all the success and keep chasing your dreams You would nail it for sure Good luck


         - Ekta Parikh -

Testimonial by Flavia Narayan

Flavia Narayan

Hemu Negi is a well known personality in Sydney, covering every and any event that is hip and happening. Not only does he manage to cover every event that is taking place,he provides head to toe coverage to the point you don't even need to attend the event. Once you have viewed his albums you feel as if you were at the event from start to finish. I myself attend these events occasionally as a performer and have not been disappointed with the quality of the pictures he has taken of me and my fellow performers.


         - Flavia Narayan -

Testimonial by Megha Agarwal and Neerav Rastogi

Megha Agarwal and Neerav Rastogi

We have known Hemu for a couple of years now . He is truly a genuine person who has claimed a respectable name in the Indian community and in the wider Australian community , We have known him more closely since the lounge of our event company SWRG events . Both Neerav and me have great appreciation for him and his work as a media person !


         - Megha Agarwal and Neerav Rastogi -  Director SWRG Events

Testimonial by Harish Velji

Harish Velji

I have known Hemu for over six years. During that time I have requested him to attend various functions that I have organised. During that time he has always displayed professional attitude. If he had confirmed his attendance, he would actually turn up. If for some reason he was not available he would always advice you in advance. He is one of handful photographers who would not get in the way of audience. He always respected the paying audience and kept low key.


         - Harish Velji - is the founder of the Sub Continent Friends of Labor and receipant McKell Award which is the highest honour awarded by the Labor Party for community service.

Testimonial by Urmi Talukdar

Urmi Talukdar

Hemu doesn't take a photograph, he makes it. His skill in photography acquired by his day by day practice. Every event , every function where ever you go you can find Hemu Negi. Hemu always captures all the nice moments that we (people) don't wants to forget in our life and that stay forever with us. I must say Hemu's Eyes is like a shutter and his mind is like a lens. He takes pictures for everyone in the event not only the known person. Also the most important part of his photography is quick turnaround time for delivery. After any event we always wait to find how was the picture? Stay blessed Hemu and keep up your good work.


         - Urmi Talukdar - .

Testimonial by Bobby Singh Mishra

Bobby Singh Mishra

The Name Hemu Negi is definitely a household name in Sydney and we all relate to perfection in picture quality when it comes from Hemu Bhai. There are many, than there is Hemu's very prompt and capturing every detailed and Kodac moments in any show. Hemu Bhai all the very best and Yaadein Vision Group appreciates your input in our community and we shall remain close to each other through your clicks. Yaadein Vision is proud to be associated with Hemu Bhai


         -Bobby Singh Mishra - Yaadein Vision Group 

Testimonial by Shayan Rafique

Shayan Rafique

The easiest thing to say is that Hemu is a gifted photographer, artist, and human being. What strikes me most about him, however, is how he sees the world and how he captures its images. And that's what sets him apart… he doesn't just capture ‘the shot,’ he captures ‘the experience’."


         -Shayan Rafique- Singer.

Testimonial by Rajesh Lal

Rajesh Lal

It gives me an immense pleasure to say that Hemu Negi is a very professional and industrious media person whom I have seen covering various functions (such as community events, social events etc) in the last many years in Sydney. I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with high degree of integrity. He is very professional with photography, always charming and smiling. I wish him all the very best for the future.


         -Rajesh Lal - justice of Peace NSW.

Testimonial by Rabindra Kumar Sharma


As far I know you are really doing good job in Indian community + Nepalese community by promoting its art, culture & literature in Australia. Keep Progressing.. Wish You All the Best


         -@ Rabindra Kumar Sharma - Director - Baba Education Consultancy

Testimonial by Varsha Mehra

Varsha Mehra

Hemu Negi is one of the first names that comes to mind to assist with event promotion and also to capture the event on the day. If your organising an event and want to ensure each and every person has a moment captured on camera, then Hemu is your man. He works in a professional and timely manner. Hemu Negi is quite known in the Indian Community amongst Sydney and will work with all heart to promote your event/business. He does not prioritise based on personal relations and will definately provide you your moneys worth. Little Warning though. He is a very busy man so book him as early as you can. Thanks Hemu for always being there


         - Varsha Mehra - Vmehra

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