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Testimonial by Bobby Singh Mishra

The Name Hemu Negi is definitely a household name in Sydney and we all relate to perfection in picture quality when it comes from Hemu Bhai. There are many, than the... read more ..


  • Indian Community in Sydney

    indian community in sydneyindian community in sydney

    Indian Community in Sydney

    Today Indians are one of the most commonly blended faces one can come across in Sydney, known for their hard work and intellectual skills Indians can be seen in almost all everywhere . Indians in Australia has come a far way in shaping the land down under.  Today the entire Indian community in Australia constitutes of 2.13% of the total Australian population,  with about 400,000+  Indian Australians (by birth) 500,000+ (by ancestry) .

    The largest Indian Australian concentration is Indian population is found in the state of Victoria, followed by NSW and Queensland respectively.   Victoria with an Indian population of 111,787, New South Wales with 95,387 and Queensland with 30,259

    History of Indians in Sydney

    A study of DNA has found that Indian people may have come to Australia around 4000 years ago.   According to Australian records, a small group of Indians arrived in Australia in the years 1800-1816, sent as convict labourers by British colonial authorities. During the first 60 years of the 19th century, most of the Indians who arrived in Australia were recruited as labourers by the British Government; they later settled down in Australia.   Australia's early Indian population also found work as hawkers. The 1881 census records 998 people who were born in India but this had grown to over 1700 by 1891. 

    Migration from India was curtailed after the Australian Government introduced the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, but following India's independence from Britain in 1947, the number of Anglo-Indians and Indian-born British citizens immigrating to Australia increased. 

    India was the fourth major source of permanent migrants to Australia In 2005-2006 after United Kingdom, New Zealand and China. Between 2000–2001 and 2005–2006, the number of migrants from India increased from 4,700 to 12,300. In 2011-12, Indians became the largest source of permanent migration to Australia forming 15.7% of the total migration programme. 

    The proportion of Australians who were born overseas has hit its highest point in 120 years, with 28 per cent of Australia's population - 6.6 million people - born overseas, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Indians contribute to about 400,000 people.


     According to the 2011 census, most Indian Australians are Hindus with about 276,000 individuals who profess Hinduism, making it one of the fastest growing religions in Australia. Other religions of Indians living in Australia are Christianity, Atheism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, Agnosticism and Others.

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  • Major Indian suburbs in Sydney

    Major Indian suburbs in SydneyMajor Indian suburbs in Sydney

    Major Indian suburbs in Sydney

    No matter where u venture out in Sydney Indians are a common face and can be found living in almost all the suburbs of Sydney. However there are suburbs where the Indian population is quite dense . According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Blacktown, Harris park, Parramatta and Liverpool are the prime Indian area of Sydney and also referred to as Curry areas. The recent ABS study, Sydney’s Ethnic Suburbs, clearly shows “Sydney’s curry belts in the greater west from Harris Park to Blacktown….. Minto with surrounding suburbs.” Also growing to be another curry belt corridor is Glenwood, Kellyville Ridge, The Ponds in the northwest.

  • Sydney Indians

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Rajesh Lal

It gives me an immense pleasure to say that Hemu Negi is a very professional and industrio...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Jawaharwala Jugandeep,

From very beginning my experience with you was wonderful.You are patient, creative, profes...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Harish Velji

I have known Hemu for over six years. During that time I have requested him to attend vari...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Rabindra Kumar Sharma

As far I know you are really doing good job in Indian community + Nepalese community by pr...

 testimonails about hemu
Ekta Parikh

Hemu negi is some one who always brings SMILE on everyones face If you are his friends the...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Malwinder Pandher

Hemu Negi is an awesome friend and a community member.He is young at age but very mature w...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Vvikas Paul

Hemu Negi - A dear friend and a eminent social personality of Sydney. Loved by all as he i...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Dinesh Kumar

On behalf of Heavens Sydney productions, I am honoured to say Hemu Negi has always support...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Urmi Talukdar

Hemu doesn't take a photograph, he makes it. His skill in photography acquired by his day ...

 testimonails about hemu
Testimonial by Bhavesh Trambadia

Professional, flexible, accommodating, excellent at getting people who are not comfortable...


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