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Indian media in Australia

Indian Ethnic media in Australia

Indian Ethnic media in Australia

The fact that national media was more focused on covering big news and content that effects the masses a gap occurred between Indians who wanted to know whats happening in the Indian community. There was a need to create awareness and unite the Indians living in this land down under simple things like celebrating a festival, addressing the issues faced by Indians, keep in touch with the Indian culture and many other such necessities. The Indian community do felt a profound need for a medium that could actually focus on the Australian Indians and bring them together. With the rise of few Indian community organisations and ethnic media in Australia Indian media came into existence. 

Slowely and graduatolly the indain ethinic media grew and today a large number of Indian media exists today in Sydney we have print media, radio, TV (SBS and other local media), you tube channels, Online newspapers, Online entertainment magazines


Indian media in NSW Ethnic media

  1. Indian media in ACT :
  2. Indian media in Victoria :
  3. Indian Media in Queensland :
  4. Indian Media in Western Australia :
  5. Indian media in Sydney :
    • Indian Radio Programmes in sydney  
    • Indian TV Programmes in sydney 
    • Indian online newspapers in sydney 
    • Indian print media in sydney 
    • Indian entertainment magazines in sydney 
    • Indian online entertainment channels in sydney 
    • Indian journalists in sydney 

Ethnic media in Australia

One of the great strengths of Australias culturally diverse society is its multicultural media. In print, on radio or television there is a treasure trove of information, viewpoints and opportunities to look inside any community. It also has a role in allowing anyone to maintain or improve their knowledge of a particular language. More significantly the multicultural media plays a significant and growing role in marketing and is a key tool in the process of whats called multicultural marketing.

Each language group is different from the others since media people come from different media traditions and different experiences of the concept of freedom of expression. The various media outlets also reflect different needs and different periods of settlement in Australia.

However they are surprisingly similar in one aspect, that the main stories dominating the mainstream media are very often on the front page or in the headlines of the non-English media as well. However the community media presents much more.

In radio, you can get a very broad news picture because many stations are 24 hours in the same language. Others stations have hour-long programmes in each language every day or in some cases a few times a week.

There are several full-time single language commercial radio stations covering Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and Italian. Some of these are subscription and require a special radio receiver. Radio 2000 is a full time multilingual community- based radio station and there at least 10 community radio stations who broadcast part-time in community languages. Government radio broadcasts on two frequencies in 68 languages and dialects.


All of this represents a very complete media picture and one which services our community well in helping the integration process, in marketing mainstream products and services directly to targeted audiences and in strengthening the democratic process by allowing everyone who votes to be fully informed through their own language about the issues and personalities involved in elections at local, state and federal level.

Last modification: Sun 27 Dec 2015

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