Indian media coverage in 2012
Indian media with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen 2012 Indian media with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen 2012

Indian media coverage in 2012

Year 2012 was full of events for Indian community, a large number of Bollywood shows happened along with a lot of political meets, greets and fundraisers. I had the opportunity to witness and cover some 25 major shows, 19 press conferences, 17 political meeting, 5 Festival events and 43 Social functions and community gatherings. Regarding promotion of events I Was involved in more then 150 different events. 

  1 Alka Yagnik live
  2 Ashok Chakdhar 
  3 Aslam Khan live
  4 Bhupendir Mital 
  5 Runa laila
  6 Usha Uttav
  7 Bhangra warriors Feroz khan, Arminder gill
  8 Falguni Pathak live
  9 Gurdas Mann 
  10 Hamid ali Khan 
  11 Harbajan Maan 
  12 Honey Singh 
  13 Jassi Sidhu by tantra Nights
  14 Jey Sean 
  15 Jaz Dhami 
  16 Jazzy B
  17 Naughty Baba
  18 Punjabi Hit Squard
  19 Pure Punjabi 
  20 Chandan das Show 
  21 Rahat
  22 Master Salee show
  23 Shaukat ali 
  24 Sonu nigam live
  25 Sukhvinder Singh Jai ho tour
Press Conferences
  1 Miss Punjaban Press conf
  2 Press conf of Pakastani actres Humaima 
  3 Chandan das Show 
  4 Naughty Baba
  5 Jassi Sidhu by tantra Nights
  6 Press Conf with Chris Bowman Minst of immigration
  7 Pure Punjabi 
  8 Alka Yagnik live
  9 Ashok Chakdhar 
  10 Aslam Khan live
  11 Master Salee show
  12 Shaukat ali 
  13 Sonu nigam live
  14 Bhangra warriors Feroz khan, Arminder gill
  15 Falguni Pathak live
  16 Gurdas Mann 
  17 Hamid ali Khan 
  18 Harbajan Maan 
  19 Honey Singh 
  1 Press Conf with Chris Bowman Minst of immigration
  2 John Robertson addres ethenic media pres conf at parliament house NSW
  3 Budjet brefing at parliament house canberra
  4 Liberal @ the Menzies Reasearch Centre 
  5 Meeting with Mr Chautala 
  6 Meeting with NSW premier
  7 Meeting with Barry Farel and CIA 
  8 Gurdeep Singh Election campain dinner
  9 Friends of Labour
  10 Kiran Bedi 
  11 Labour party fund raising diner 
  12 Labor party Irish dance dinner
  13 Micheal Rowland Press conf 
  14 Multi cultural Press conf.
  15 Parramatta Mission
  16 Scott Morison visit to hariss park
  17 Sub contient Dinner
Festival / Mela
  1 Liver pool Fiji Mela
  2 Fiji diwali mela big park
  3 Holi Mohatsav
  4 Diwali mela HCA
  5 Viashaki mela
Socail Events
  S.No 15 Aug dinner by CIA 
  1 The Asia Busniess Connection
  2 Vaisakhi Martin place 
  3 Bengali Association Dance drama
  4 Peace procession Justic for Damini 
  5 A night by Desi Events
  6 Garba with Atul Purohit
  7 Gyaan Award Night by GOPIO
  8 Harmony via HCA
  9 Health forum by CIA 
  10 HOlli Hullad
  11 Hindi Diwas 
  12 Diwali at martin place by HCA
  13 Indi Aus Kavi samelan
  14 Irish Bollywood Fusion
  15 Rabata 3rd Aniversary
  16 Hindi School 
  17 Mangalorean Catholic Association of Sydney
  18 Premier of Mars and Venus
  19 Premier of Movie The Jury 
  20 Nachda Punjab
  21 Natraj Academy 
  22 Navtaran Awards
  23 Nep Indo Fusion
  24 Qwalli night by MFM
  25 Rafi Night
  26 Saaz Quest 
  27 Shayamak dance workshop
  28 India club 
  29 Sikh games 
  30 Album launch by Sukha production
  31 Premier of Movie to Sydney with love
  32 Tribute to legends
  33 UIA vigil
  34 UIA senior Forum
  35 Virasat a tribute to late Jagit singh
  36 Woman forum Anita 
  37 Yaddien vision ek shaam hamaray watan kay nam
  38 A night by Ind Aus
  39 Fund raiser by Aparna
  40 Thanks Giving by CIA (cancer council)
  41 Pakastani Indepence Day 
  42 Pakastni fund Raiser by A.K
  43 Sufi Night by Multiface media

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