Indian media coverage in 2014
Indian community promoting a Bollywood show 2014 Indian community promoting a Bollywood show 2014

Indian media coverage in 2014

Year 2014 was again another year which witnessed a lot of activity in the Indian community . I was involved in far more number of shows which i could hardly cater with many events on the same day I was not able to cover few but to mention what i covered was some 17 International shows, 19 Press Conferences, 9 Movie promotions, 10 major mela and fairs, 41 other community events which were a mix of community welfare, charity, fund raising, awareness program political meetings and social meet up

International Artists
  1 Adnam sami
  2 Arijit Singh
  3 Bally sagoo
  4 Bilal
  5 Bombay Vikings
  6 Dharminder Deol
  7 Falguni pathak
  8 Govinda
  9 Guggi
  10 Gurdas Maan
  11 Kanika Kapoor
  12 Pankaj Udaas
  13 Punjabi Fusion
  14 Satinder Sartaaj
  15 Sunidhi Chauchan
  16 Sunny Leone Live
  17 Wadali Brothers
Press Conferences
  1 Adnam sami
  2 Arijit Singh
  3 Bally sagoo
  4 Bilal
  5 Bombay Vikings
  6 Dharminder Deol
  7 Falguni pathak
  8 Govinda
  9 Krishan Sudesh press conf at Events cinemas
  10 Gurdas Maan
  11 Press and meet with Isha gupta
  12 Launch of musicl album AAPNE by Jatiner brar
  13 Kanika Kapoor
  14 Pankaj Udaas
  15 Launch of parramsalla
  16 Punjabi Fusion
  17 Satinder Sartaaj
  18 Sunidhi Chauchan
  19 Wadali Brothers
Movies promotions and Premiers
  1 Punjab 1984
  2 Dil VIl Pyar viyar
  3 Double Dhamaal
  4 Gluab Gang
  5 Entertainment
  6 Highway to suva
  7 Gorion nu Dawa karo
  8 Shaadi kay side effects
  9 Chaar Shabzaade
Film Festivals IFEFA 2014
  1 Launching of IFEFA
  2 Press Conf and meet and greet with the stars
  3 Award Ceremony Of IFEFA
  4 Closing of the IFEFA
Fairs / Mela / big community gathering
  1 Autol Purothit
  2 Devang patel
  3 Ramadan Eid mela
  4 Garbha by Gujrati Samaj
  5 Jaykar Bhojak Dandiya
  6 Karwa cauth mela by event oz
  7 Liverpool Sari night
  8 Mela Mitran da
  9 Tamil Chaitraia Festival
  10 Teeyan Mela
Community Events and functions
  1 26 Jan cel at CG house
  2 Musical night by Abdul sounds
  3 Flash mob by Kala for charity
  4 AN2R night by Kala for charity
  5 Black tie
  6 Auditions for Govinda show
  7 Destination NSW Launch
  8 Sydney Voices
  9 Diwali at Martin Place
  10 GOPIO Gyaan Award night
  11 Launch of online ticketing by Haveli
  12 hindi Samaj
  13 ILASA
  14 Indian Fusion
  15 Holi millan
  16 Awareness on Racial Discrimination
  17 Jassi B live
  18 Dinner with parrmatta MP dr Gregoff lee
  19 Kishore Kumar Night
  20 Legends of Voice
  21 Dinner night with Liberal party at chutney
  22 Modis Victory Celebration
  23 Modis Birthday Celebration
  24 Mothers Day cruise
  25 CIA star movie night
  26 Senior Citizen cruise
  27 OFBJP Sydney chai pe charcha
  28 OM care Valentine night
  29 Ramayan
  30 Rath Yatra
  31 Retro bollywood party
  32 SAAZ the musical Valentine
  33 Awards night with Satinder Sartaaj
  34 Mhd Rafi Night by Sashi lal
  35 Serving the Seniors
  36 Snow mountain community tour
  37 Viashaki at Parliament house
  38 VMS night
  39 Women Empowerment
  40 Yaddien Vision Award night
  41 Yaddien Vision ek shaam watan kay naam

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