Indian media coverage in 2015
Enjoying Arijit singh concert with friends Biggest bollywood night of 2015

Indian media coverage in 2015

No doubt Indian community in Sydney is growing and so the activities related to Indians. In year 2015 Sydney Indians witnessed a plethora of shows, events, festivals and other activities hovering around every month of the year. The land down under witnessed a large number of Non Indian too celebrating the Indian events and festivals like holi and Diwali, It was interesting to note that a charity event called color run that I witnessed this year was quite similar to our Holi festival.
A large number of Indian movies made to the Cinemas in Sydney this year it was a year when not only the bollywood but many regional movies made the box off news like Bahooballi that went house full for days Guju bhia the great, Sardarji and many many other. It was a promising year for the Indian movies.
Politically this year was not as active as the previous ones for the Indians, but culturally this year went quite well with a large number of melas like holi, diwali, vaishaki, karwa cauth, youth festival and many others. A large number of cultural events , charity functions and Internationally events kept the Indians busy throughout the year.
I personally attended a large number of the events and press conferences did missed many due to time constraints and other commitments here is the list of events that I covered in 2015

Movie premier in sydney 2015 (Indians flims realeased hindi, eng, telgu, punjabi and others)
  1 Judge LLB - punjabi movie 2015
  2 Sardar ji - punjabi movie 2015
  3 Gujrati movie Gujju bhia the great - Gujrati movie 2015
  4 Premier of Barkha IFEFA - Bollywood movie 2015
  5 Shareek - punjabi movie 2015
  6 Second hand husband - Bollywood movie 2015
  7 Unindian - Bollywood movie 2015
Beauty Peagents
  1 Miss Australasia
  2 Mr and Mrs India Australia
  3 Launch of MIA
  4 East meet west Fashion show
International Shows (Bollywood actors, actress playback singers also singers and celebrity from other countries)
  1 Arif Lohar Live in Sydney on 23rd May 2015
  2 Micky Singh Hard rock cafe Sydney
  3 Bhagwant Mann live
  4 Bohema The punjabi rapper oz tour
  5 Manmohan waris Virsa reloaded
  6 Rahat Fateh Ali khan Reloaded
  7 Kumar vishwass an eve with the poet
  8 Mafia Munir
  9 Johny lever The badshah of comedy
  10 Harbajan maan
  11 Usha UTtav show
Film Festivals IFEFA 2015
  1 Launching of IFEFA
  2 Press Conf and Movie screening
  3 Award Ceremony and closing of IFEFA
Fairs / Mela / big community gathering
  1 Diwali mela by Seven hills council and business community
  2 Diwali Mela by Liverpool community
  3 Karwa chauth
  4 Diwali fair by Event Oz
  5 Hemant Chauchan Dandiya
  6 Garbha by Gujrati samaj
  7 Youth Festival by YES
  8 Devang patel
  9 Garbha by Autol purohit
  10 UIA Fair
  11 FIAA independence day fair
  12 Friends of labour
  13 Ramadan Eid bazar
  14 Teeyan Mela 1
  15 Teeyan Mela 2
  16 Mela millan da
  17 Curry Festival
  18 Vaishaki mela
  19 Girmit Festival
  20 Raunka mella
  21 Baba Ram dev yogi camp
  22 Sharry Mann mela
  23 Tamil Sangam
  24 Holi mella
  25 liverpool holi mela
  26 Hibius Festival
Community Events and funcitons
  1 Diwali by VM nights
  2 Tamil Sangam
  3 Hindi Diwas poetry contest at parliament house
  4 Mhd Rafi night
  5 Jahalak Dikhlaja
  6 Kishore kumar night
  7 Ashique night
  8 Ivy ball by Marco ent
  9 Rabtha
  10 Yaddien vision cruise
  11 Baap ka paap
  12 Hindi kavi samellan
  13 Desi Voice
  14 Property Expo
  15 Laies Night
  16 Mhd rafi night with Riaz shah
  17 Kalol by Gujarti samaj Australia
  18 Krishan Janamasthami
  19 Rahat fateh ali khan
  20 Iqbal Jaffery
  21 the bhangra project
  22 Jhanjariya night
  23 Indo pak match screening
  24 Valentine night
  25 NAMO in sydney
  26 School of Cricket launch
Charity events
  1 Yadien vision Ek shaam
  2 Fund raiser by Pakistan youth association
  3 Pink Ribbon Breakfast (breast cancer awareness and charity)
  4 Lions Club Chirstmas in July
Press conf Meet and greet
  1 Bhagwant Mann Dinner and meet
  2 Bohemia press conf
  3 Kumar vishwass
  4 Marriage Alliance
  5 Bobby Deol
  6 Johny lever
  7 Usha uttav
  8 Harbajan maan
  9 Raunka mella aritst press con
  10 Baap ka paap
  11 Sharry Mann press conf
  12 Daniel Mokey press conf
  13 Deligation for sports from Gujrat
  14 Iqbal jeffery
  15 Baba Ram dev

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