My journey
journey of hemu negi (Indian community news reporter) My journey in the world of media

My journey

In 2009 I was asked to design a news portal for an online Hindi newspaper in Sydney and it was very well appreciated by everyone, I was also asked by many to make few more with the advent of time I liked the idea and decided to make one for my own . I started my own online newspaper and since then I have become a part of this new world. I have written several news and article for the readers. Then things started changing I started getting involved with more and more youth part of the Indian community which opened my eyes to the fact that most of the people have lost interested in reading the news and articles they are more stick to TV news, youtube and news pics or even social media. I took feed backs from many people and did run  a survey asking all the people I know and also asking to ask the people they know, the result was quite vivid people hardly had any interest in reading  only 1 our of 300 people would actually take the pain of reading the articles so I asked every one for the solutions and I was suggest to cover the events in pics and videos which no one was doing at that time. I was intrigued by the idea and i decided to more on with it so I started a youtube channel and started capturing the important moments of the events I go to with pics. Much to my surprise things went quite well and It became a popular among the people I was asked by people to post pics in the social media like facebook so that they can share the pics this actually lead me to venture in a large number of audience. 

 I started loving the photojournalism part of my media, the pictures I take have been published in several news paper in India and Australia with few event in Sydney Morning Herald the biggest Australian newspaper, apart form this I my pics have made place in most of the local newspapers. I do have a passion for writing but i seldom write. Currently I am associated with the following newspapers as a team member. Fiji Times Hellobollywood, Rabata, Theindoaustimes.

Fiji Times 




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