Photojournalism and Hemu negi
thanks to AJ Singh for taking the shot Hemu negi in action

Photojournalism and Hemu negi

Photojournalism and me - Pictures can capture moments, excitement, emotions and a lot more in fact it is well said a picture can speak 1000 words. No wonder  Photojournalism has become an integral part of the news world. I find it is one of the most intriguing  part of journalism I love to take pics to creates images in order to tell a news story. It is best way to capture a moment and give life to a story, most of the times its the picture that compels a user to read a particular story. In fact at time picture alone can tell the whole story in itself. I never had a formal training in photography as such but I have earned my name and please in the media a Photojournalist in fact most of the people here know me as Photojournalist. I have covered more then 600 events in past 5 years. Most of the picture taken by me can be seen in the media coverage gallery that I have in my website. I have also taken more then 300,000 pictures in these recent years. 

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